Destrovo Rules and Recuritment

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Destrovo Rules and Recuritment

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 15, 2016 2:05 pm

****Currently looking for Wolves*****

Destrovo means persistence, unyielding.
We wont stop until we surpass our goals!

(1))Respect each member as if  we are family if there is a problem with a guild member speak to a VL. Currently: Oznar, Tazz, and Innie Keye.

(2).members who miss out on two RB will be asked to explain themselves if its personal choose a guild leader whom you trust to tell

(3)If you don't login for five (5) days you will be kicked until we hear back from you. If we're full by that time, you're out, sorry.

(4) Respect Nemo and protect Destrovo's name from bad behavior. Members that bully, taunt, name call, engage in lewdness, and other trollish ways will be kicked.

(5) We must keep inflation down. All items you wish to auction will go up between members before the auction house, no more than 1D if trading 5D if not.

The game takes diamonds out of the player's hands, and its inefficient to do so at all.

You must participate in guild activities such as Resource Battle and/or Magic Beast.

If you are new are members are all friendly and will help you power up.

Using this forum much training will become redundant!

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Stay Puft,

Innie Keye

If it weren't for the heaving chests, where else would the chicks hide their power?

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